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Adventure Travel Insurance Companies

Because of the possibility of sustaining an injury during hiking and trekking, travel insurance is required for this trip. Below you will find four travel insurance companies offering various policies and services.  Be sure to purchase a policy that covers trekking and hiking at altitude and includes medical evacuation. Walk the World, LLC does not endorse or recommend any of these companies. You are encouraged to research options available to you.

Global Rescue is a good resource for rescue and evacuation insurance for international trips. Coverage is available for trips involving high altitude and technical climbing.

You can purchase Global Rescue online at:


Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance provides an integrated program offering both evacuation and rescue coverage along with premier travel insurance specifically designed for adventure travel.

Find out more about Ripcord at


Travel Guard provides coverage for trip cancellation as well as medical expense and medical evacuation insurance. Ask your Travel Guard representative for the plan that covers high altitude and mountaineering activities (involving a rope, crampons, and harness - Alpentraversale Trek only.)  The Dolomites and Rosengarten Treks do not require use of ropes, crampons, or harness, but you will want a policy that covers altitudes to 10,000 feet and the use of cables and ladders should the route include those. 


World Nomads is affiliated with Lonely Planet.  They have basic and premium plans and cover various activities under each plan.  Be sure to purchase the plan that covers the activity in which you are participating.

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