Trail back to St Cyprian - Day 7

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A segment of the trail to Torri di Vajolet.

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Top of Kesselkogel Via Ferrata

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A Walk in the Rosengarten 

New in 2022 

July 9 - 15

Another Awesome Adventure in the Dolomites 

The Romance of the Rosengarten

The Rosengarten region of the Dolomites is one of the most extensive and, in the opinion of many, the most fascinating. The glowing pink and red light of the setting sun illuminates the sharp pointed peaks and vast faces of the stone monoliths bathing everything in the vibrant colors of the sunset. High mountain lodges are nestled into massive rock formations and almost disappear into the backdrop of the surrounding peaks that rise far above. The colors, the magnificent peaks, the meandering trails, the cozy lodges, and the delicious food, drink, and camaraderie of fellow hikers creates an atmosphere that will make it difficult to part ways with the Rosengarten.

Adding to the evocative nature of the region is its significant morphological geodiversity. Almost everywhere you step are fossils deposited 240 million years ago during the Triassic Period. The endless series of peaks and sharp needles ascending from the Torri Del Vajolet trace the movement of an island toward the sea. Evidence of tectonic and volcanic activity, in addition to carbonate sediment, make this area one of the most important in the world for the study of geology during the Triassic age. 

Day 1

Bolzano - Cyprianerhof Dolomites Resort

Today we gather in Bolzano where we will meet our private shuttle to the Hotel Cyprianerhof in the village of St Cypriano, St Zyprian in German. You will find that in the Dolomites both German and Italian are spoken in addition to Ladin, now an official language in many regions of the Dolomites. The food is also a mixture of Italian and German. Try the dumplings and the Kaiserschmarrn, they are delicious!

Cyprianerhof Dolomites Resort

Private rooms with private bath (dbl occupancy)




Day 2

Cyprianerhof Dolomites Resort - Rifugio Roda di Vael


Today the adventure begins. After breakfast our trek starts directly from the Hotel Cyprianerhof. We begin by hiking to the middle station of the Laurin ski lift. The name of the lift evokes the legend of King Laurin and includes three stages to reach the top. We'll take the last two stages; from the top we depart on the trail to tonight's lodging at Rifugio Roda di Vael, a cozy, rustic lodge nestled under impressive peaks of the Dolomites. The views over the Valley from the top of the lift, the peaks of the Dolomites in the distance, and the rose-colored monoliths of the Rosengarten are a spectacular introduction to everything this region of the Dolomites has to offer.

Rifugio Roda di Vael (dbl rooms with showers where available) Breakfast/Dinner

3400 feet up, 1640 feet down, 9 miles, approx. 7 hours

BBBBRR (B=Easy, R=Moderate, S=Difficult)


Day 3

Rifugio Roda di Vael - Rifugio Vajolet -Rifugio Passo Santner- Rifugio Vajolet -Rifugio Gardeccia


We'll enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast and then set out on our trek to Rifugio Gardeccia. The trail meanders among rocky outcroppings, beautiful stone monoliths, high peaks and spires, and the green of the meadows that dot the Rosengarten. Along the way we will stop at Refugio Vajolet for lunch.

After lunch there is an optional hike up a steep rocky trail using attached cables to secure our climb. At the top is an amazing view and the quaint Rifugio Passo Santner. The Kaiserschmarrn and the expansive view are worth the climb.  Anyone not wishing to do the climb to Passo Santner can relax at the beautiful Rifugio Vajolet. The views, the food, the drinks, and fellow hikers from many different places will make your afternoon one to remember.

Rifugio Gardeccia (dbl rooms with showers where available) Gardeccia Hut Our refuge in Catinaccio area ( Breakfast/Dinner

2800 ft up, 4100 ft down, 7 miles, approx 6.5 hours

RRRSSB (S rating is only for the optional climb to Santner Pass.


Day 4

Refugio Gardeccia - Rifugio Passo Principe Grassleitenpasse Hut - Refugio Antermoia


After a good night's rest and a delicious breakfast, we begin the trek to Rifugio Antermoia, our stop for the night. Refugio Antermoia is set on beautiful Lago di Antermoia and surrounded by the massive peaks and spires that define the Rosengarten. On the way we will stop for lunch at one of the spectacular rifugios that are typical of the hut-to-hut experience of the Italian Alpine Clubs.

Today's trail leads past the famous Torri del Vajolet; if we're lucky we may see climbers scaling its vertical walls. We'll stop at Refugio Passo Principe Grasleitenpasse Hut, perhaps for lunch on the large wooden deck of the rifugio. After lunch, our hike continues over Passo Antermoia, with views of the Kesselkogel, to our refuge for the night. Lago di Antermoia looks inviting so don't forget your swimsuit.

Rifugio Antermoia (dbl rooms with showers where available) Rifugio Antermoia nel Cuore del Catinaccio Rosengarten - Rifugio Antermoia Breakfast/Dinner

2800 ft up, 1150 ft down, 5 miles, 5 hours


20210706_102735396_iOS (2).jpg

Day 5

Rifugio Antermoia – Malga Miraval – Rifugio Plattkogel – Rifugio Tierser Alpl (Alpe di Tires in Italian)

Today, after breakfast and one last glimpse of the lake, we begin our trek to Rifugio Tierser Alpe, a hut with a fun backstory and a founder who defied the odds. We'll pass through areas with fantastic wildlife, including chamois, marmots, perhaps a roe deer or two, and maybe we'll catch a glimpse of the rare mouflon, a reddish-brown wild sheep with horns that curve up and end in a complete revolution. Along the way we will descend to Malga Miraval where the path angles upward to Rifugio Plattkogel. Here we can rest and refresh for the afternoon leg of today's hike, a meandering path over a broad ridge to our next stop for two nights. As we near our destination the red clad roof of Rifugio Tierser Alpl comes into view. By now we know the large front deck means packs off, snacks for everyone, cold beer, Radler, and Aperol Spritz await after a long day's hike.

Alpe di Tires The refuge in the Dolomites in South Tyrol ( Double rooms with showers where available. Breakfast/Dinner

2600 feet up, 2800 ft down, 9.5 miles, approx. 7 hours


20210706_144005806_iOS (2).jpg

Day 6

Rifugio Tierser Alpl – Seiser Alm – Schlernhut– Rifugio Tierser Alpl

Today's hike is an out and back loop; we'll return to the lovely Alpe di Tires hut after this beautiful hike. The hike begins with a descent to Seiser Alm and ascent to the Schlernhut. Seiser Alm is a plateau and the largest high-altitude Alpine meadow in Europe. The green meadows, view to the Valley, the rocky spires of the Rosengarten and if we're lucky, puffy white clouds in a blue sky, almost overload the senses. This is truly a spectacular hike. The halfway point is lunch in the beautiful wood beamed dining room of the Bolzano Alpine Club's Rifugio Monte Pez or Schlernhut in German. After lunch we loop back to the Rifugio Alpe di Tires. 

Alpe di Tires The refuge in the Dolomites in South Tyrol ( Breakfast/Dinner

3400 ft up, 3400 ft down, 10 miles, approx. 7 hours.



Day 7

Rifugio Tierser Alpl – Bärenloch – St Zyprian

After our last breakfast together at the relaxing Rifugio Alpe di Tires, we reluctantly gather our packs and begin the hike down to St. Cyprian. Today's trek is steep so hiking poles might be a good idea, but the trail is beautiful. We transition from the rocky paths of the high trails in the Rosengarten to a tree lined trail that meanders down to the village of St Cyprian. You'll wish the week could start all over again.

4400 ft down,  5.25 miles, approx. 4 hours. Breakfast


We should reach St Cyprian by early afternoon. There are no planned accommodations for this evening, reservations can be secured by request at an additional cost. Bolzano is about a 40 minute drive and accessible by bus, car, or taxi. Rome2Rio details the available options. 

San Cipriano to Bolzano (

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