You feel your soul when you hike.

Anthony Bourdain

TerraTreks™--Powered by Walk the World, LLC--offers two levels of outdoor trekking adventures.  WanderTreks are 7-10 day hikes consisting of daily segments up to 10 miles with daily elevation gains up to 3500 feet.  WanderTreks are challenging, classic hikes, with mountain paths which can be narrow, some with steep segments, but with minimal or no technical stages (short distances with cables or ladders) .  WanderTreks are suitable for experienced hikers who are in good physical condition with good stamina.  The Dolomites Trek is the WanderTrek for 2021.


 VentureTreks are more challenging and considered technical hikes but do not require formal climbing skills.   VentureTreks are over medium-heavy mountain trails which are mostly narrow, often steep, and can have crash-prone passages (narrow trails with steep drop-offs). You should also expect short technical stages on most days requiring the use of cables or ladders.  VentureTreks are generally 7- 8 days in length but with segments up to 15 miles and vertical climbs up to 4500 feet. The Alpentraversale Trek is the VentureTrek for 2021.

For more information on trail ratings refer to the Trail Rating Guide and download the complete itinerary for your hike.

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Dolomites Trek to the Innerfeldtal Valley

Dolomites Trek to Drei Zinnen Hut - Day 8

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